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At Qfour.ai, we are passionate about empowering organizations to develop their most valuable asset - their people. As a leading global digital coaching provider, we specialize in personalized coaching and training solutions that drive employee success worldwide.

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Our Expertise

Our team of seasoned experts brings extensive experience across vital domains, including leadership development, sales and marketing, customer service, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and communication skills. We leverage this multidisciplinary expertise to craft tailored programs that align with your unique organizational needs and employee development goals.

Personalised, Data-Driven Approach

We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to coaching and training is ineffective. That's why we employ a personalized, data-driven methodology. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and proprietary tools, we analyze your workforce's specific needs and design customized coaching programs that address individual and team development areas.

Proven Results

Our commitment is to unlock the full potential of your employees, empowering them to achieve greatness. Whether you're a small business, multinational corporation, or anywhere in between, our proven coaching solutions have consistently delivered measurable results, driving employee engagement, performance, and business success.

Accessible Solutions

We believe that every employee deserves access to world-class coaching and training opportunities, regardless of their background or budget. That's why we've made our solutions accessible and affordable, ensuring that organizations of all sizes can invest in their most valuable resource – their people.​

Our Goals

At Qfour.ai, our vision extends beyond today; we're committed to making individuals and organizations across the globe future-ready through our personalized, innovative digital coaching solutions. Our mission encompasses not just unlocking the immense potential within each client but also preparing them for tomorrow with comprehensive reskilling and upskilling programs. As the leading provider of bespoke coaching services, we aim to navigate success in the dynamic and evolving business landscape effectively.

Our elite team of industry experts is passionate about crafting highly tailored coaching programs that not only address the immediate goals and challenges of each client but also anticipate future demands. By integrating cutting-edge technology with established strategies, we offer impactful digital coaching experiences designed to foster growth, elevate performance, and instill a culture of continuous learning and development.

With integrity as our cornerstone, Qfour.ai is dedicated to assisting our clients in achieving unparalleled greatness. We set the benchmark in professional excellence, providing personalized digital coaching that empowers individuals to thrive in an ever-changing world. Our comprehensive approach includes equipping our clients with the skills and knowledge needed to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring they are not just prepared for the future but are also active participants in shaping it.

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Our Team ​and Experts

Ralf Schreiber

Founder / CEO Business Coach

Our founder, a passionate business coach and chief visionary, drives innovation for client success. Actively engaged in company initiatives and staying updated on industry trends, his leadership ensures top-notch coaching and training services for clients.

Kayrn Weston

Talent Manager / Intercultural Trainer / Business Coach

Karyn thrives in her roles as talent manager, intercultural trainer, and business coach, fueling success with her passion for growth and development. She cultivates top talent, secures client access to resources, bridges cultural communication divides, and empowers clients to overcome obstacles and achieve objectives.

Monika Brix

Life Coach & Business Coach Corporate Health Consultant, Speaker

Monika excels in health coaching, life performance, and wellbeing, emphasizing people and mindfulness in corporate health. She passionately empowers individuals and organizations to reach their potential through wellness guidance, fostering a sustainable culture promoting human capital and client success.

Desiree Charles

Change Management, digital transformation  Leadership Development.

Desiree, experienced in change management, digital transformation, and leadership development, drives our team's success by guiding clients through intricate changes. Enthusiastic about technology-enhanced learning, she helps clients build skills for thriving in today's rapid business environment.

Natahlie Fischer

Change Management, digital transformation  Leadership Development.

Nathalie, a skilled professional in change management, digital transformation, and leadership development, propels our team's success by guiding clients through complex changes. Passionate about using technology to boost learning, she helps clients develop skills for today's dynamic business landscape

Monica Kissondath

Head if Business Development  

Our Head of Business Development, Monica, brings a wealth of experience and a strategic vision that perfectly aligns with our goals for growth and innovation. Renowned for her ability to drive growth initiatives, build strong partnerships, and identify key market opportunities, Monica’s expertise and innovative approach have already made a significant impact.

Our Values 


We conduct business with integrity and uphold ethical standards, building trust and respect with our clients and partners.


We strive for excellence in everything we do, setting high standards for ourselves and our team to deliver top-quality results.


We value creativity, new ideas, and pushing boundaries to develop innovative solutions that make a difference for our clients.

Diversity and Inclusion

We embrace diversity and foster an inclusive culture that values and respects all people, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.